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StreamingMedia Industry Whitepapers
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Sponsored By: Tulix

The Tulix OTT incubator is a testing ground for media companies and content owners to identify business models and technology architecture that will work best.

Whether you’re an experienced broadcaster, a social media producer, a content owner, or even looking to invest in OTT, the guidance and resources are here to help develop a compelling video content strategy, best of breed technology solutions, and the right monetization approach.

Sponsored By: Verizon Digital Media Services

Connecting with viewers used to be simple – you just put your content on broadcast TV. With the development of over-the-top (OTT) technology, this is no longer the case. Viewers are leaving traditional broadcast sources for the choice and control that OTT provides. So, how do you get into the OTT game? The answer has significant viewership and revenue implications.

In this white paper, you’ll discover how building an owned-and-operated site stacks up against delivering all your video through the leading social media sites. What you learn will help you decide which is the best solution for meeting your brand and revenue objectives. Read it now.

Sponsored By: Telestream

Are you delivering quality services and streaming video content? Find out how you can focus on other business priorities while the video quality experts monitor streaming video services to ensure your customers are getting the quality of service and quality of experience they expect. Get the paper The Case for Leveraging the Cloud for Video Service Assurance - Monitor Streaming Video Services, From Anywhere, At Any Time Paper for more information.

Sponsored By: Haivision

For producers and broadcasters with tight budget constraints, planning for a live event involves tough choices between deploying remote production staff and the cost of transmitting video. Learn how you can leverage the latest video streaming technologies to satisfy the demands of remote production workflows and cover a wider range of live events, with multiple camera feeds, without the costly overhead of deploying production teams and OB trucks to each site, or transporting video over satellite or dedicated networks.

In this white paper, you'll learn about:

  • New alternatives for remote production
  • The advantages of using the internet for remote production workflows
  • How to synchronize multiple live video and audio streams from a remote venue