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Featured Video: Managing a Complex Multi-Platform VOD Workflow

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Using the exchange, ad-buyers can use real-time bidding to target specific viewer groups on multiple platforms
Households in six more European countries now have access to Netflix; company will decide in 2015 where in Europe it will expand next.
Also introduces Mediaroom Reach, a delivery platform for cost-effectively streaming over-the-top content to any device.

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Netflix in the Nordics: What Can Other Countries Learn? Without the burden of shiny disc delivery, Netflix's streaming-only approach is cannibalizing physical media content sales in countries where internet penetration and mobile device usage is way above average. Tue, September 30, by Tim Siglin
Stay Skeptical on 4G Video Delivery Claims: The Streaming Company 4G cellular is a great advance, but don't rely on it for live video delivery. One expert says throughput claims are heavily exaggerated Mon, September 29, by Troy Dreier
Don't Just Compress the Video, Compress the Content Researchers are creating algorithms that remove non-essential information from a video, allowing viewers to watch it faster than in real-time. Fri, September 19, by Tim Siglin
OTT Delivery: Creating Strategies for Video Streaming The term "OTT" is used for many types of video delivery. Here are the different OTT workflow models, and the various ways they bring videos to viewers. Fri, September 19, by Dom Robinson
How to Build a Multiscreen Online Video Workflow It's important to think ahead when preparing content for different screens in different environments. Read on for best practices from experts. Fri, September 19, by Tim Siglin
MPEG LA's HEVC Licensing Terms Are Flawed, Will Prevent Adoption There's no reason for Adobe to add HEVC support to Flash, and that keeps HEVC from becoming relevant for general purpose streaming. Fri, September 19, by Jan Ozer
How to Win the Piracy War: Offer Premium Content at a Fair Price The video industry has learned from the music industry's mistakes: Fight online piracy by offering easy access and affordable pricing. Thu, September 18, by Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen
How Be Inspired Films Shoots Conferences the TED Way TED conferences have set a high-water mark for conference recording, creating guidelines that TEDx events need to follow. It takes planning, but the results are worth it. Thu, September 18, by Troy Dreier
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To respond to the needs of its enterprise and media customers, Deutsche Telekom looks far into the future.
With metadata, 4K, and a growing number of formats, video files are taking more room than ever. Coraid offers a solution that grows with a company's needs.
Offering a variety of streaming solutions for both inside and outside the firewall, Qbrick knows how to stream high-quality content to any location.

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