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iPlayer gets more prominent position in front of Sky subscribers; Sky increases momentum for addressable TV tech AdSmart
Haivision will add LightFlow's video encoding and multi-CDN routing AI technology to its current products, and is taking on the Madrid-based team that created it.
Linear playout specialist adds OTT to its armoury and shows off capability in live remote production

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Amazon's Premier League Live Stream Kicks Off with Qualified Success Amazon delivers solid debut with room for improvement; EPL will watch with an eye to launching its own "Netflix for football" Wed, December 04, by Adrian Pennington
Hardware-Based Transcoding Solutions Roundup: Testing Performance We put hardware-based solutions from NVIDIA, Intel, and NGCodec to the test to see which offers the strongest performance and the highest quality. Mon, December 02, by Jan Ozer
For Thought-Provoking Video, Forget About Slick Production Values In a previous age, videoconferencing was bright, sterile, and unpleasant. It lacked the multi-sensory input that makes face-to-face meetings valuable. Mon, November 18, by Tim Siglin
Announcing the Swift Death of Per-Title Encoding, 2015-2019 Once revolutionary, pre-title encoding was replaced by shot-based encoding and then context aware encoding. Here's how to evaluate vendors when choosing a solution. Mon, November 18, by Jan Ozer
The Northern Path: Cooperation and Competition in the Nordics Could OTT services save money by working together on shared solutions? At a conference in Norway, one executive makes a plea for partnership. Mon, November 18, by Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen
Streaming Innovation in Manufacturing: Building the Future The assembly line has changed. Streaming video and audio, as well as machine learning and computer vision, are helping manufacturing become smarter and leaner. Mon, November 18, by Tim Siglin
Achieving Zero Latency for Video and Audio Is a Zero-Sum Game In the AV world, zero-frame latency isn't just a pipe dream—it's a requirement. Here's why the streaming industry would do well to pay attention. Mon, November 18, by Tim Siglin
HEVC, AV1, VVC: How to Make Sense of 2019's World of Codecs The old realities that used to dictate codec adoption no longer apply. Opening up new markets now matters more than reducing operating expenses. How are HEVC, AV1, and VVC positioned for the future? Mon, November 18, by Jan Ozer
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