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Featured Video: Dynamic Ad Insertion: Addressable Advertising at TV Scale

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Forget watermarking and other anti-piracy measures: Simply informing people about harms to the media industry could do a lot to abate piracy.
Subscribers can access a variety of SD and HD channels from their phone, tablet, or connected TV, or select from an on-demand library.
Set-top devices offer a value-priced alternative to connected TVs, but the lack of unified search on both platforms has consumers frustrated.

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Why Mixed Reality Is the Future of Immersive Broadcasting Intel and Microsoft are among those building tools for a merged reality video experience that could be streamed directly to the home. Wed, March 22, by Adrian Pennington
Unfiltered Live Online Video Shows the Need for Journalists Access to live video from breaking world events is a double-edged sword: It brings a compelling eyewitness-to-history view, while bypassing critical cultural gatekeepers. Mon, March 13, by Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen
How the Sourcebook Shaped History in the Online Video Industry This year marks the 9th anniversary of the Streaming Media Industry Sourcebook European Edition, the annual guide that's become a bible for the industry. Mon, March 13, by Joel Unickow
How to: Dynamic Packaging Need to reach the widest possible audience with the fewest encoding steps? Here's how nonprogrammers can use Wowza Streaming Engine to serve both live and on-demand video. Mon, March 13, by Jan Ozer
How to Assemble the Perfect Production Platform for Facebook Live Streaming live video to Facebook is easy, but if you want professional results you'll need to build a professional system first. Here are the best products to consider. Fri, March 10, by Jan Ozer
Buyers' Guide to Blocking the Ad Blockers 2017 The best ad-blocking strategy doesn't rely on technology alone, but looks at the root causes that made viewers want to block ads in the first place. Thu, March 09, by Jan Ozer
Commentary: Pointing Fingers in the Wrong Direction After AWS Outage Sites and services that went down when an Amazon Web Services region failed shouldn't blame Amazon. They should blame their own poorly architected cloud infrastructure. Wed, March 08, by Dom Robinson
Buyers' Guide to Quality Analytics 2017 For both video encoding and quality of service, content providers need to make sure their viewers get the best experience possible. Here's how to select a quality control service. Wed, March 08, by Jan Ozer
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To respond to the needs of its enterprise and media customers, Deutsche Telekom looks far into the future.
With metadata, 4K, and a growing number of formats, video files are taking more room than ever. Coraid offers a solution that grows with a company's needs.
Offering a variety of streaming solutions for both inside and outside the firewall, Qbrick knows how to stream high-quality content to any location.

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Superguide: Monetisation & Ad Insertion Silver Sponsors: Cleeng, THEOplayer, Bitmovin
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