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StreamingMedia Superguides
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Sponsored by Harmoinc and Telestream

With next-generation TV (ATSC 3.0) looming in the not-so-distant future as the next “shiny button” for the television industry, streaming video is where it’s at today and will continue to make dramatic advances in both the short- and long-term. This Superguide looks at the state of broadcast and video content deliverynot just what’s coming down the pipe, but what is already here. The lines between TV and the internet are only getting blurrier, and this Superguide will help you read between those lines with clarity.

Sponsored by Telestream and Harmoinc

Optimizing the video workflow is complicated. Understanding efficiencies, where they can be gained, and which systems are compatible can be an overwhelming process. While many content providers are turning to vendors with one-stop shop solutions, others are still working with hybrid solutions. This Superguide installment examines the products and services that make processes more efficient, and most importantly, most cost-effective from 2 leaders in the space—Harmonic and Telestream.

GOLD: Harmonic | Silver: Telestream, comprimato, Media Excel, IDT, EZDrm, DVEO, AWS Elemental

Just when you thought it was safe to commit to HEVC, here comes AV1. While encoding and transcoding are at the heart of any streaming project, it’s always in flux. While there are tremendous advancements annually that play a significant role in your cost and performance plans, there are quality, security, and feature issues that constantly need attention. Where can you find companies to help you with all this? Right hereThe 2018 Advanced Encoding & Transcoding.

GOLD: Bitmovin

Understanding consumption patterns and optimizing the viewer experience are absolutely vital components in successful video distribution and monetisation, requiring increasingly sophisticated and automated measurement, analysis, and reporting infrastructures. This is the Superguide that educates readers in deploying the best tools for the job, ensuring that QoS/QoE expectations are met and exceeded.

GOLD: Matrox, AverMedia, Limelight, Telestream, NanoCosmos

There’s live streaming and there’s professional live streaming. Too many organizations are delivering subpar live video to their viewers. And too many live streams fail the latency test, whether for interactive video functionality or to compete with broadcast. Is that you? Because if it is, you need to read this Superguide. You’ll find solid solutions for handling live streams at scale, whether you deliver them on your own internal network or send them out into the wild via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or any of the other leading live streaming platforms. The right tools and the right services— you’ll find them here. Let’s make sure you get the job done right before you start shooting with that lousy iPhone 6 again.

GOLD: Epiphan Video, Harmonic SILVER: DVEO, Haivision, Videoguys, AverMedia, Discover Video

Learning From the Pros

Sometimes, doing is the best way to learn. This Superguide instalment brings together several cool examples of successful deployments by leading industry companies that have helped a wide range of companies, from carriers to content creators. Learn about how the right tools and the right companies can make all the difference with online video infrastructure and strategy.

PLATINUM: GlobalDots GOLD: Limelight, Medianova SILVER: Hive Streaming, DLVR, Ericsson, Broadpeak, Tulix

Carriers, telcos, ISPs, and premium content owners will look to this Superguide for technology and platforms to deliver and accelerate web content.

Who is this Superguide for?

• Content owners/OTT distributors
• Carriers & telcos
• Mobile carriers
• Online retail/social
• On-net platform vendors
• Off-net platform vendors

Areas of Interest

• Last-mile video delivery
• Dynamic site acceleration
• Transparent caching
• Front-end optimization
• Licensed/managed CDN
• Application acceleration
• Telco CDN deployments
• Mobile content acceleration
• Cloud & CDN business models
• Managing OTT video quality
• CDN federation models
• QoS measurement